Achaean Empire

150px-TESV_Banner_Solitude.pngThe Achaean Empire is the major mediterranean power, in some ways it is the major Europan power. They have the largest, but most unorganized army in Europa, as well as the largest Empire. They rule over occupied Celtian and Nord lands, but struggle to hold Aegyptian lands.

Ruler: Emperor Marius Daius
Capital: Achaea
Military: 450,000 roughly
Control: Celtian Lands, Nord Lands, Achaean Lands
Allies: None
Enemies: Kingdom of Aegyptus, Nord Warlords, Celtian Tribes, Nord Rebels, Celtian Rebels

House_of_Marius.pngThe House of Marius is the ruling noble house in the Achaean Empire. Under the leadership of Marius Daius, they attempt to maintain their status as the royal house through intrigue and military might.

House_of_Brutus.pngHouse Brutus is one of the three Great Houses of the Achaean Empire. With military power and wealth, they hope to take control of the empire.

House_of_Scipio.pngThe House of Scipio is one of the three great houses of the Achaean Empire. Unlike the others however, House Scipio fights to reform the Achaean Republic.

Mandatory Military Service: The Imperial Law of Mandatory Military Service is officially still in affect, however it is unofficially no longer enforced due to the amount of citizens of the Achaean Empire and the census no longer accurate.

Pax Achaeorum: Pax Achaeorum is a series of laws in an attempt to maintain peace within the Empire. Chief policies include free religion (relatively), shared power between the praetors (but always answer to the emperor), and the emperor commanding a larger army than other nobles.

Imperial Internment Act: The Imperial Internment Act was set in motion after the end of the Orcus Wars. The Orcs and similar races conquered by the Achaean Empire were moved to internment zones and kept under heavy guard. The few orckind that escaped conquest fled to Celtian and Nord lands.

Banned Necromancy: Due to the war against the Kingdom of Aegyptus, the known capital of necromancy, and the atrocities caused by Aegyptian necromancers to help in their war effort Necromancy is illegal in the Achaean Empire, and punishable by humiliation and public execution.

Achaean Empire

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