Achaea is an ancient city, founded as a city state of the early era of the mediterranean region. Eventually, it became a larger nation and republic, then an empire. Ruled by the House of Marius under the reign of Emperor Marius Daius, the Achaean Empire has begun to fall due to the empire losing its unity and the constant warfare. To the south the Imperial-Aegyptian War rages as the Imperial Legions battle Aegyptian mercenaries and undead. To the north and west, the Achaens wage war against the Celtian Tribes and Nords, as well as Celtian and Nord rebels. To the east is the mysterious Sassaniand Empire of the deserts and a new enemy, the barbaric Mangol raiders. As war and turmoil burns the lands of Europa, heroes rise to choose one side or another, prepared to quest for the greater good or the darkest of evils.

Fall of the Achaean Empire

Age of decadence